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Community Seed & Feed has been a part of the East Alton community since 1918.  The business found it's humble beginnings as Community Coal & Ice when Floyd Earl opened the business to meet the needs of the community by selling and delivering coal and ice.  He hired Glen Ralston as a hauler, and this is where the family dynamics of the business began.  Glen had a son that he named Floyd, after the owner - his boss.  Floyd followed in his father's foot steps and joined the staff of Community Coal & Ice working his way up to management.  Floyd's son and daughter in law, Herb & Kathy took over the business in 1992 and while the goods have changed, the service to the community has remained the same.  They and have continued to provide the same amazing service by offering a place for the community of East Alton and the surrounding area to buy seed, feed, garden supplies and plants, mulch, rock, ornamental concrete, gifts much more!

Herb & Cathy.jpg

Herb & Kathy Ralston - The Next Chapter


Early this year, Herb and Kathy finalized their decision to retire. March 2021 Community Seed & Feed will change hands.  Cody Blacklock will take over as the owner of this cornerstone business in East Alton.  The name will stay the same, the service will stay the same, and Community Seed & Feed will continue to be the place to buy your feed, seed, plants, garden supplies, gifts and ornamental concrete creations.  You will still see Herb & Kathy, as they have offered to stay on for a while for a smooth transition of ownership.  Stop in and say hi to some familiar faces and congratulate them on their next chapter.  While you're here, introduce yourself to the new owner, Cody Blacklock.  We think you'll be glad you did!  

The Next Generation to Carry on the Tradition

Cody Blacklock started at a young age mowing lawns and shoveling snow to earn money as a boy.  He continued mowing and added  small landscaping jobs to help make his way through college.  He graduated from Lewis & Clark Community College with an Associates Degree in Business in 2019.  His lawncare business grew in leaps and bounds and in 2019, he started GreenWorx Lawncare and Landscaping, LLC.  Cody's business grew from referrals because he worked hard, provided quality lawncare service, was knowledgeable about the services he provided and earned the trust of his clients. He brings those qualities to Community Seed & Feed along with his own gifts and talents.  

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